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We promote your work!

The promotion of your work is essential! It's the real added value that Vivi Distribution wants to give its partners. We plan to make you famous, we organize your interviews on the major platforms that deal with cinema. Both online and on paper! We make sure that everyone will be able to appreciate and be aware of the good work you have done!


We help you to sell your film!

Through our partnerships with various global platforms such as Amazon Prime, Shorts.Tv, Hodtv, Rakuten, and many others, we also have a streaming distribution channel. Your short film can be broadcast or screened in order to give you even greater visibility and credibility!

The power of our network!

We are convinced that having a professional work network is important. For any technical request you can easily contact us! Do you need to solve a post production problem? We can help you. Need subtitles in various languages? Here we are! Color correction, editing, sound design? We know how to help you!


We distribute your film!

We manage all the administrative, technical, and organizational networking related to your creation for you! We take care not only of your registration to national and international festivals but above all of management and institutional relations with the most important artistic realities: box office sales, events and shows. We do everything for you, and always do our best for you and your work! You struggled so hard to make your dream come true... We'll help you manage it in the best way!