We care about your art

Vivi Distribution is a brand new distribution company for SHORT FILMS, DOCUMENTARIES and WEB SERIES. It was born in 2019 from the desire to communicate, through your art, innovative Cinema concepts. The passion for cinema and new technologies led us to create a full-fledged service in which products of all kinds (Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Horror, etc.) are followed step by step, showing their quality, the important issues they address, and their nature. Vivi Distribution, through a careful and determined path, will give each of your works its own identity, accompanying it into the Italian and foreign cultural scene. All productions by Vivi distribution will be accompanied by a precise press release campaign. The short films entered in each category can then be chosen by streaming TV services and broadcast all over the world. The authors of each short film will be accompanied by the Vivi Distribution press office in a series of interviews and press releases in genre web newspapers as well as national newspapers. CONTACT US HERE for any questions, we will be happy to listen to you and show you everything we can do for you, for your art, and for your business!